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Additional Therapies

Placenta Broth – The broth from the placenta is kept after it has been gently steamed. It will be saved and given to the mother with her capsules. Some mothers choose to keep it and pour it into ice cube trays which can then be ingested by adding them to your individual cooking. This can be very fortifying when cooked into stir-fry’s, stews, soups, etc. Others choose to pour on flower beds, gardens, or trees.

Umbilical Cord Keepsake – Your encapsulator will shape the babes umbilical cord into a wreath or a heart as a keepsake for the parents and child. It will always be given with capsules.

Placenta Salve – Ground placenta and other herbs are infused into Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil to create another option for topical healing. It works great for diaper rash, cuts, scrapes, perineal tears, etc. Not to be used for consumption.

Placenta Tincture – Is a fantastic way to extend the life of your placenta supplementation. Usually to be used after capsules are finished.  It is used for all the same reasons you are taking the capsules, but also can have the added benefit of balancing hormonal conditions such as PMS and menopause since it was made from your  personal hormonal make up. But can also aid in times of stress and low milk supply, low immunity, depression, and fatigue.

Placenta Prints – These are a great keepsake for the mother and baby, kind of looked at like a birth plate in which the encapsulator will paint on all babes birth information on it such as full name, birthdate, weight, length, and time born.

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