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Frequently Asked Questions

After baby is born whether you are in hospital or at home, you/husband/doula/friend need to make sure your doctor or midwife knows you would like to keep your placenta. Telling them ahead of time and after baby is born are important steps to ensure the placenta stays in your hands.

What if I am having a hospital birth?

Pack two Large Ziploc Freezer bags into your hospital bag. Get the nurses to place placenta in the first Ziploc bag, seal it, and then place inside second Ziploc that has been filled with ice. Replace ice every few hours. We also encourage picking up a Dollar store cooler to keep the ice from melting too quickly especially if baby is born in the evening or middle of the night as we won’t be able to get to it until the morning. Some hospitals will provide a bucket for the placenta but have the Large Ziploc bags just in case.

What if I am having a home birth?

Choose a container you would like to use to keep placenta in. Some choose a glass container with a lid or other choose a Tupperware container. You can also just double bag the placenta with two larger Ziploc Freezer bags and place in your fridge. Or you can store in a Dollar Store cooler on ice until we get there.

How many days is a placenta good for in the fridge?

We treat it the same as a steak, roast, or chicken breast, so approximately 5 days maximum, then we recommend freezing it.

When should I put it in my freezer?

If you are undecided if you would like to go the placenta encapsulation route double bag your placenta with the least amount of air possible with 2 larger Ziploc freezer bags. You can always thaw it and call us to encapsulate. We have done placentas as old as 3 years and mothers have still reported positive feedback from it.


We are priced competitively with other placenta encapsulators in our cities. Please contact Nicole for Calgary pricing and Trudi for Edmonton pricing.

Do I call right after the baby is born?

We will be checking on you two weeks prior to your due date to see how you are doing and how the pregnancy is going. We like you to call or text when you go into labor so we can prepare for what the next 12 hrs has in store for us but of course we understand that that is not always the first thing on your mind to do!! So it’s totally fine if you call us right after baby is born. The sooner the better!

What can I do to make my placenta as healthy as possible for consumption?

We recommend mothers take their prenatal vitamins (whole food preferably), eat a clean diet, rich in color and variety, exercise to provide optimal oxygen to baby and placenta, enough sleep, and a calm, low stress pregnancy.

What is the turnover time?


How can I be sure you’re not doing more than one placenta at a time? Is there a possibility of a mix up?

First and foremost we want to protect you and our families from any possible risks of cross-contamination or transmission of disease.
Second: Doing two placentas at once is energetically a poor choice for both placentas, mothers, as well as for us.
We take this service very seriously and it is very important to us that it is done ethically.
We will only book one client per day of the month, however the opportunity of receiving two placentas on the same day sometimes does happen. We only do one placenta at any one given time.  We would never put you at risk nor make the mistake of mixing up a placenta from its owner. They both get labeled and one stays in the fridge until we are completely finished preparing your placenta, encapsulating it, packaging it up and then disinfecting and washing all of tools thus starting over from scratch. And most likely it will be delivered to you before we even look at the other placenta. Placenta encapsulation is not that "busy" of a service where one would have to put that risk on one's client, family, or reputation. :)

What about cross contamination?

We both take the annual Blood Borne Pathogens Certification as well as the Food Safety and Handling Certificate. We have also been taught in our Acupuncture Diploma Program the disinfecting protocol for Blood Borne Pathogens.

What is Raw versus Steamed method?

Raw method has the least amount of processing done to it as it gets cleaned, bled, and sliced to be placed directly into the dehydrator at 118 degrees Celsius which is the recommended temperature to preserve the maximum amount of vitamins, nutrients, and hormones.

Steamed method is cleaned, bled, and then placed in a double boiler with herbs and spices to add warmth to the placenta. Human Placenta is found in the Chinese Medicinal Materia Medica, it is used to tonify the Qi (chee), nourish the blood, and replenish the kidney essence. Dried human placenta is used in Chinese Medicinals for Fatigue and Insufficient Lactation. Some of the herbs and spices cooked into the placenta are also useful for disguising the after taste some women may encounter and encourage the dispersing effect of the placenta once ingested. The herbs and spices used also helps to create the Placenta Broth that some mothers love to receive with the capsules.

Can I request raw and steamed?

You can reap the benefits from both methods as we do offer half and half. Most placenta enapsulators can and will offer ½ of each method, make sure you specify.

What are alternative uses for my placenta?

You can bury your placenta beneath/beside a tree or flower garden. We do offer the placenta broth with the steamed method in which you can pour into flower bed, plants, or garden or some mothers pour into ice cube trays and add them to individual stir fry’s, soups, stews, etc. Placenta Tinctures and Placenta Salves are other products we offer with our encapsulation packages, for more questions about this click on our Additional Therapies Page and speak with your encapsulator about pricing.

Is there any point in time where I should not take my capsules?

Yes, placenta capsules should not be taken when there are any signs of illness, such as: fever, common cold, flu, or infection. The placenta is a great tonifier for the body and will only push the illness deeper within the body leaving the mother weaker and more susceptible. Call your encapsulator if you have ANY questions or concerns about this. We are trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and will ask you specific questions in order to assess your situation. Do not take the capsules until the illness has fully cleared itself from your system.

If there are any questions that you have that are not answered here please call, text, or email us so we can appropriately address your concerns.

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