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After the birth of my first child I felt very tired and unwell and I also experienced a lot of hot flashes that lasted for a long time.  Three years later I was told that the hot flashes were due to a hormonal imbalance which resulted in an ovarian cancer diagnosis. Two surgeries later I was cancer free and pregnant once again. I had a homebirth and was able to keep my placenta not knowing exactly what I was going to do with it at the time. Seven months later, I came across an article in Birthing Magazine about the benefits of placenta encapsulation. Not wanting to go through the whole hot flashes again I decided that it would be good idea to try the capsules out. Within days I started getting more energy and vitality and feeling healthier with less stressed. To this day I still feel more balanced and did not experience any postpartum depression as I did with my first pregnancy. Thank you Nicole for changing my life
~Love & light Meg, Calgary, Alberta

So a little tale....I have been struggling with low ferritin (iron) for my entire pregnancy - levels of 5 and 7, (should be like 160). Prior to pregnancy also I have had low levels like 9 and 20...I encapsulated my placenta and have been taking it regularly (I have to be honest, not as often as I should, but relatively regular). Had my ferritin levels tested at 5 weeks postpartum, and they are this I KNOW without a doubt is the placenta pills I'm taking. In the pregnancy I was VERY much aware of my iron, took iron supplements faithfully, ate very high iron foods, limited dairy...everything I could think of and in 8 weeks saw my level rise 2 points (5 to 7)...Seriously it is amazing to know that my iron is up! I feel amazing and I am sure they are linked....Just thought I would share with you :) Thanks Trudi
~Amanda, Edmonton, Alberta

Nicole was great to deal with. She was able and willing to answer any and all questions I had. I appreciated the option of her picking up my placenta and also the delivery of the pills afterwards. I found that by using the capsules my energy levels went up quite a bit, as well as helping me produce breast milk very well and to lessen and eventually stop my postpartum bleeding. I would definitely recommend Nicole and Trudi for placenta encapsulation and would use them again without hesitation.
~Jennifer, Leduc, Alberta

As a vegetarian I was skeptical about taking my own placenta as a supplement.  After a consultation with the girls from Roots of Life, I couldn’t imagine NOT taking it.  With scientific research about herbivore mammals eating theirs, and the list of benefits they forwarded to me, I was sold.  I believe that taking my placenta capsules during my postpartum definitely increased my milk supply and lessened my fatigue.  Taking a custom made supplement that my own body created did not gross me out at all, even though I was raised a vegetarian.  Trudi and Nicole were a great resource to me and answered all my questions and concerns, even weeks after my delivery!
~S.F., Edmonton, Alberta

I want to thank you for being such an important, albeit last minute, part of my daughter's birth. Your acupuncture treatments were gentle yet powerful, and I feel you were very intuitive and in tune with my body. When you brought me homemade soup and reading material to the hospital, I knew you were a very special person with a very warm heart as well. I was very happy to have someone with such lovely energy to entrust with my placenta, and am so grateful to have the tinctures to keep on-hand for a long time to come. You have helped me in many small ways since that time, and I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you have done for me and my family.
~Melissa, Calgary, Alberta

As this was my first pregnancy I do not have a comparison to not using the encapsulation pills; however, I do feel that I experienced many benefits and would without a doubt use Nicole and Trudi’s services again! I feel my benefits included increasing milk supply, battling fatigue, as well as the emotional ups and downs of those first few weeks!
~J.S., Grande Prairie, Alberta

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